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Technical Writing, Manuals,  Help, Tutorials, and Other Documentation to Meet Your Needs

TechCom Plus offers technical writing and consulting services to a variety of industries. We can create the user guides, online help, manuals, and other documentation you need.

At TechCom Plus, we specialize in creating organization from chaos. We’ll gather information from a variety of sources, including specifications, subject matter experts, and beta software, and we’ll organize it into coherent, usable documentation for your customers.

We create various types of online help and tutorials for both desktop programs and web-based applications. Tutorials and “show me” videos help users see and learn exactly how to use the key functions of your product. To see an example of a tutorial and other dynamic content, go to:

Single sourcing of content lets us publish your content in multiple formats, including PDF and HTML, from one set of content files. We can also create multiple “flavors” of the content (for example, full version and trial version) quickly, with little incremental cost.

We have experience with many types of hardware and software products and can help your customers make the most of them. Contact us for all of your product documentation needs.

FrameMaker Training and Consulting

We also provide consulting and training on FrameMaker and WebWorks Publisher products. We can create templates, convert your content to new templates, or show your writers how to make the most of these products. 

How Good Documentation Can Save You Time and Money

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Would you like to improve your situation?

  • Customer service is deluged with calls from confused and angry customers.
  • You worry that production line efficiency is down because employees are making mistakes.
  • Your boss, your stockholders, your customers are all pushing for better everything at lower prices with higher profits. Your competitors are threatening to eat you for lunch.
  • You know that the answers are there, if you could just find them.

TechCom Plus is the voice of reason among all the confusion. We provide clear, clean, precise technical communication for people, products, and procedures. TechCom Plus has the answers you need.

To learn more about what we can do for your business, read on. If you would like to know more about the principals of TechCom Plus, see our About Us page.

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